Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Learning, Design and Technology
All about the LDT program, plus Master's projects from previous years
Stanford School of Education
About SUSE classes and degrees
Design thinking classes and initiatives at Stanford
Maker's Club
Rapid prototyping and learning design, link from Paulo Blikstein
Stanford on iTunes U
Lectures and videos from Stanford classes
Software training workshops offered by the School of Education
HCI at Stanford
Human-Computer Interaction courses and research
AAA Lab at Stanford
Lots of interesting research about technology and education issues
Wallenberg Hall
Teaching and learning resources
Stanford Events
Happenings on campus


MIT Media Lab
Cool new technology and inventions from MIT
SIGGRAPH Education
Computer graphics and cutting-edge tech projects
User Interface Engineering
Articles about usability issues for interface design
Video Games as Learning Tools
How to use video games to enhance education
Usability Blog
Articles about easy-to-use technology
Berkeley iSchool
Information school at Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon ETC
Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon
Second Life Education Blog
Virtual worlds in education

WIRED Magazine
Updates on the latest tech trends
TIME Magazine Top 50 Websites
Annual list of best websites of the year


AIGA Design Archives
Collection of award-winning design
Interactive Media Awards
Browse award-winning interactive media design
Association of Medical Illustrators
Beautiful scientific illustrations and techniques
HOW Magazine
Tons of articles and inspiration about design

Top 10 Websites for Designers
Recommended websites from HOW magazine, updated each month
Apple Design Awards
See all the winners from previous competitions
Concept Feedback
Cool new graphic design projects being reviewed by people on the web
The 99 Percent
Articles about design inspiration and productivity
Ars Technica
Electronic and new media-inspired art


Digital Media and Learning
Competition for innovative learning technology
Center for Technology in Learning

Research and development for hi-tech education
Invention at Play
Studying innovation and creativity

The Play Ethic
Articles and videos about how hi-tech "play" can make our society better
Human-Sciences and Technology Advanced Research, studies about people and technology
Learning in Formal and Informal Environments, social factors of learning
New Scientist: Brain

Studies and articles about human cognition
Digital Learning
The MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning initiative
Rapid eLearning Blog
Tips and ideas for better eLearning


How People Learn
Book by Roy Pea


IDEO Know How Talks
Sent by Karin Forssell
TED Talks
15-minute talks on a variety of topics, free to view online
Exploratorium After Dark
Evening events on Thursdays at the Exploratorium


Google Wave
Preview of Google's new web collaboration tool
Head Tracking for the Wii
This is just pretty awesome
Nova PBS Science
Science programming from PBS


Notes on Dialogue
About speaking and participating, link sent by Paul
Hidden Agenda

Facebook app contest for teaching high school, competition forwarded by Roy Pea