Saturday, October 17, 2009

Programming Resources

Great tutorials on programming and scripting languages and forums to post and get specific programming help for college students.

Tutorials for web building tools

Thursday, October 8, 2009


10/17/09 Berkeley: Peer Into the Future of Media at >play: The Berkeley Digital Media Conference

2/27/10 San Jose: Computer Using Educators (CUE)

BayCHI Events (the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open Courses, Curriculum, Lesson Plans - FREE!

Annenberg Media
A.K.A. - A host of video lectures ranging from the art of the Wild West to abnormal psychology.
ArsDigita University

ArsDigita was originally a computer science program from MIT. While it is now shut down, all the coursework was put online.
BBC Learning
Online courses from the British Broadcasting Corporation.
UCLA course lectures.
Chinese University Lectures

Hundreds of lectures from fourteen well known Chinese universities.
iTunes U

Huge repository of course podcasts from well known universities.
Learning from YouTube

Pitzer College lectures on YouTube (read more here).
MIT OpenCourseWare

Classes on anything from history to urban studies, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
MIT World
Tons of lectures from different speakers at MIT.
MITE AP Courses

Free Montrey Institute AP courses.
Open Learning Initiative

Learn engineering, reasoning, chemistry, and much more from Carnegie Mellon University.
Project Gutenberg

Thousands of free eBooks, including many course textbooks.

Take CC-licensed courses from small colleges.
SWTC CourseCasts

Lectures on everything from debt to microbiology, from Southwest Wisconsin Technical College.
The Open University OpenLearn

Great Britain’s first open learning university offers free courses from health care to William Wilberforce.
UC Berkley Webcasts
Get audio and video netcasts from one of the best known universities in the country.
Princeton-sponsored online lectures.
Utah State University OpenCourseWare
Learn everything from theatre production to cattle management from Utah State University.

Tons of free online web developer tutorials.
Western Kentucky University Distance Learning Podcasts & VODcasts
Read, listen to, and watch lectures from WKU.
Hundreds of user submitted courses on everything from mathematics to humanities.
Google Video Educational Genre

Wide variety of user created videos uploaded to Google Video.
Internet Archive Open Educational Resources
A huge multitude of courses with categories ranging from .NET programming to Chinese literature.
Similar to Wikipedia, but with articles written by “experts” chosen by the community.
Thousands of textbooks written in over 40 different languages.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who's signing up for Drama 103 in Winter? This is Improvisation--makes you quick on your feet and in your thinking. It's held MWF mornings and conflicts with The Ray and Roy Show (required EDUC 333) by fifty minutes on Friday. If there are enough of us perhaps we can refit the sched.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Internships and Jobs
Indeed is a website that combines jobs from a lot of different search engines
Linked In Jobs
Job postings on linked in. A good way to directly get in touch with the recruiter for the position or the hiring manager
Craigslist Jobs

Jobs on craigslist for the San Francisco Bay Area.
Monster's job site specifically targeted at internships and entry level positions
E learning weekly blog job links
A blog post on e learning with links on where to look for e learning jobs
TechCrunch startup companies
More startup jobs and internships
Information about startups, their work and jobs
Stanford Career Development Center
Job listings, info about upcoming career fairs, and job-hunting tips

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Learning, Design and Technology
All about the LDT program, plus Master's projects from previous years
Stanford School of Education
About SUSE classes and degrees
Design thinking classes and initiatives at Stanford
Maker's Club
Rapid prototyping and learning design, link from Paulo Blikstein
Stanford on iTunes U
Lectures and videos from Stanford classes
Software training workshops offered by the School of Education
HCI at Stanford
Human-Computer Interaction courses and research
AAA Lab at Stanford
Lots of interesting research about technology and education issues
Wallenberg Hall
Teaching and learning resources
Stanford Events
Happenings on campus


MIT Media Lab
Cool new technology and inventions from MIT
SIGGRAPH Education
Computer graphics and cutting-edge tech projects
User Interface Engineering
Articles about usability issues for interface design
Video Games as Learning Tools
How to use video games to enhance education
Usability Blog
Articles about easy-to-use technology
Berkeley iSchool
Information school at Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon ETC
Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon
Second Life Education Blog
Virtual worlds in education

WIRED Magazine
Updates on the latest tech trends
TIME Magazine Top 50 Websites
Annual list of best websites of the year